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Beginning a new photography website. This is a work in progress with a lot of work to accomplish. I've had a personal website since 1998, under many different styles. Most recently I was using WordPress for several years, but changes there have made it frustrating, so I've decided to move to a wikipedia format, as I've been gaining experience with this and generally like it. It will take a lot of time to upload photos and past news, and figure out how I want to format everything. So look around and check back often.

Greetings and Sanitations

2019-10-03--MyRVandI 3068.jpg

Photography, to me, is the attempt to capture a moment of the beauty that is God’s Creation. Every painter has their own style, and there are hundreds of styles of painting throughout history, I have my own style of painting with light.

I've been doing photography seriously since 2004, in college, and growing year after year. Most of my work has been nature: sunsets/rises, landscapes, flowers and other plants, and animals. However, my favorite subjects to photograph are cars and dancers (primarily bellydance).

I purchased an RV at the end of September 2019, and hit the road on Easter of 2020. I spent the summer of 2020 on the coast near Pismo Beach, CA, and adventured forth on 6 November 2020, heading up the CA coast. I have plans for many more adventures up and down the west coast and beyond.

May the Chaos of Your Existence be Beneficial.